Ceramica Antiga, S.A., was born with the intention of responding to an existing need in the tile market. Create different series of tiles, rustic lines and manual effect, always in small format, which create unique environments to decorate the home.


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  • This trend seeks to recreate relaxing and warm environments as shelters, recovering ceramic classics from a soft and delicate perspective, with finishes in warm tones such as roses, terracotta and ora

  • In the viewpoint of the Canfali point, known as the Balcony of the Mediterranean, is the Castle-Viewpoint of Benidorm. During the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries the fortress served as a

  • Cevisama has 38 years of experience as a monographic event in the ceramic sector. It is an international showcase of reference in ceramic cladding, bathroom equipment, natural stone, frits, glazes and

  • Time is showing that decorating with hydraulic tiles is not a passing trend, but is increasingly consolidated. The original hydraulic tiles are manufactured by hand, piece by piece, by using a brass o

  • COP25 CLIMATE SUMMIT More than 25,000 representatives from 200 countries meet in Madrid, at IFEMA, at the Climate Summit from December 2 to 13 to reach agreements and commitments between nations to co