Ceramica Antiga, S.A., was born with the intention of responding to an existing need in the tile market. Create different series of tiles, rustic lines and manual effect, always in small format, which create unique environments to decorate the home.


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Hydraulic tile, trend in interior design

Hydraulic tile, trend in interior design

Time is showing that decorating with hydraulic tiles is not a passing trend, but is increasingly consolidated.

The original hydraulic tiles are manufactured by hand, piece by piece, by using a brass or forge mold (“climbing”) for the application of pigments, which are then fixed to the cement base by using a hydraulic press. Currently it is possible to find similar designs on other types of supports such as, in our case, high quality ceramics.

He came to Spain with modernism thanks to Antonio Gaudí. His original designs with floral or geometric motifs were popularized in the constructions of the 60s and is once again a trend of the first order in recent years.

Hydraulic tiles are ideal for decorating the kitchen both as a floor and as a wall covering as they are resistant to heat and stains. They also combine perfectly with any type of furniture, whether modern, rustic or vintage.